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IRS Tax Settlement

Dealing with the penalties that go hand-in-hand with having tax debt can be stressful and overwhelming. Plus, the longer you wait to find a solution to your unpaid tax liability, the worse your problems can become. If a tax settlement represents your only way out of tax troubles, contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. We offer professional and experienced assistance negotiating tax settlements to bring our clients relief and help them pay what they owe. Whether you're contacting us on behalf of your own finances or you own a business that's been hit with tax penalties, our team has the answers you need. Call today to schedule your initial consultation, and to get a free estimate! 

Personalized Tax Settlement Strategies

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Happy ClientsYour eligibility for various tax settlements will depend on a number of factors, including your current financial stability and the circumstances that led to you owing back taxes in the first place. Taxation Solutions, Inc. will always start by assessing your specific situation and coming up with a plan of action that is custom-designed to get you results. Your taxes settlement options may include: 

  • Offer in compromise
  • Installment agreement 
  • Penalty abatement 
  • Wage garnishment cessation 
  • Lifting of liens and levies against you 
  • Innocent spouse relief

We'll negotiate the best form of tax debt reduction for your case, calling on our 40 combined years of experience and our extensive training to get you results. You can rely on our licensed and insured professionals to be well versed in federal and state tax codes regarding both individuals and business entities, and to be able to provide accurate, thorough, and knowledgeable tax settlement service. From reviewing your situation to acting as your advocate with the IRS, we won't let you down. Taxation Solutions, Inc. strives to provide some of the highest quality IRS settlement service in all of San Antonio, whatever your specific needs. 

Having tax issues can be difficult, but it's nothing compared with trying to deal with them and secure a taxes settlement on your own. At Taxation Solutions, Inc., we can help you navigate the complexities of the tax system while building a tax settlement that will satisfy both your needs and the demands of the IRS. We won't rest until you have a satisfactory solution to your tax debt. If we can get you total IRS debt forgiveness, that's what we'll aim for! Whether you're eligible for an offer in compromise, penalty abatement, or the removal of government actions against you, we can help. Call or email Taxation Solutions, Inc. today.

Offer in Compromise Tax Settlements

An offer in compromise is perhaps the most desirable form of IRS tax settlement because it allows you to negotiate an alternative repayment amount. If your petition for tax debt reduction is accepted, you might pay only a fraction of what you owe. But it's almost impossible to secure this kind of IRS debt forgiveness without a taxes settlement professional by your side. Choose Taxation Solutions, Inc. when you need an offer in compromise and want to be sure your case is presented properly. We'll help you determine whether you meet the qualifications required for this IRS tax settlement and guide you through the process, negotiating on your behalf with the tax authorities. To learn more about this and other forms of tax debt settlement, contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. by phone or email. 

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