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Take Advantage of Occupational Deductions on This Year's Tax Return

As you prepare your 2015 tax return, chances are you want to deduct every expense you possibly can in order to lower the taxes you owe—or to boost your refund amount. Are you taking advantage of all of the occupational deductions available to you? Taxation Solutions, Inc. can advise you on what deductions are allowed based on your line of work.

Depending on your field, you might be able to deduct: 

  • Supplies purchased for work  
  • Travel expenses 
  • Continuing education costs
  • Communication costs (for instance, phone lines used for business) 
  • Professional organization fees and dues

Whether you're a medical professional required to take annual courses to keep your licensing or you commute long distances and pay a lot for gas, you can most likely claim those expenses as tax deductions. The catch is that only expenses for which your employer did not reimburse you are eligible.

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