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Steps to Take Upon the Death of a Social Security Beneficiary

During times of mourning, most families are busy making funeral arrangements and taking the time to reflect on memories. Amid the emotional upheaval, it can be hard to suddenly switch gears and handle financial matters. Unfortunately, it is a necessity. There are certain steps that must be taken when a person who had been collecting Social Security benefits passes away, including:

  • Notifying the Social Security Administration of the beneficiary’s death.
  • Contacting the beneficiary’s bank/financial institution to notify them of the death and request that money received via direct deposit for the month of death (and later) be returned to the SSA. Benefit checks received after the beneficiary’s death should not be cashed, and must be returned to the SSA as soon as possible.

A final tax return will also need to be filed. This is similar to a standard tax return, but additional forms and information may be necessary. Returns that claim a refund, for example, may require the proper filing of Form 1310. Certain expenses, such as medical expenses paid prior to the date of death, may also be able to be claimed as itemized deductions.

Final financial matters are different for every individual. Don’t spend a single second wondering if your loved one’s last tax responsibilities have been handled properly—let a tax professional restore your peace of mind so you can focus all your energy on your family during your time of loss. Taxation Solutions, Inc. is here to help with all types of tax problems, including Social Security and tax issues related to deceased family members. To avoid unnecessary confusion, let our experts guide you through the intricacies of the decedent’s situation and help settle these tax matters quickly and effectively.