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Medical Expenses Tied to Adoption and Surrogacy May Be Tax Deductible

Many people dream about starting a family of their very own. They envision the good: first steps, family vacations, prom pictures. They envision the bad: sleepless nights, tummy aches, and mountains of homework. However, not everyone is willing or able to become parents in the “traditional” way—and that’s okay! There are many paths to parenthood, including adoption and surrogacy. These paths can be complicated, but, to ease the burden, some aspects may be tax deductible.


Medical expenses required for the child to be adopted, even services rendered before placement, may be tax deductible. These deductions could apply if the child is a dependent of the adopted parents before services are rendered or paid, if the services are directly attributable to medical care, and if the expenses are not reimbursements for expenses paid by the adoption agency prior to the start of adoption proceedings.

For information on your tax benefit eligibility as it pertains to your adopted child’s situation, contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. to speak to a representative. He or she will be able to shed light on the specifics of your situation and guide you as you proceed.


A surrogate mother’s medical expenses can sometimes be tax deductible, but only if the surrogate qualifies as a “medical dependent.” The team at Taxation Solutions, Inc. will be able to examine your situation and determine whether or not your child’s surrogate mother meets this qualification.

Family planning can be complicated, but the team at Taxation Solutions, Inc. is here to help clear up the confusion as it pertains to tax deductible medical expenses.