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If Wage Garnishment Is Causing Hardship, We Can Help

Are you feeling bowed under the weight of wage garnishment? When you fail to pay your taxes on time, the IRS can garnish a portion of your paycheck to go toward the debt. Unfortunately, this garnishment can leave you without enough take-home pay to cover rent, groceries, utilities, and other necessities for yourself and your family each month. Luckily, if you can prove that IRS wage garnishment is a true financial hardship, it may be possible to get it lifted. You'll need a skilled and knowledgeable tax resolution specialist on your side of the bargaining table, and in the greater San Antonio area, you can count on Taxation Solutions, Inc. for exceptional service. 

We'll present your case clearly and concisely, negotiating any additional tax settlements necessary to satisfy the IRS's demands while helping you pay your debt. Our goal is always to bring our clients into IRS compliance while minimizing their financial troubles. We'll work tirelessly to find an alternative to wage garnishment, such as an installment payment plan or an offer in compromise, that works for your situation. 

For more on the tax penalty abatement and tax settlement negotiation services we offer, call or e-mail Taxation Solutions, Inc. today!