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Have You Received an IRS Audit Letter? Here's How to Proceed

Two of the scariest words in the English language are "IRS audit." That said, if you receive notice of an upcoming tax audit, you don't need to panic. Examine the letter from the IRS. It will include a deadline by which you must respond. The most important thing is not to miss this deadline. In many cases, you'll have plenty of time to review the IRS's concerns about your tax return, gather materials to support your claims, and file your paperwork in response. Take action immediately and avoid future IRS audit penalties. 

Sometimes the reason for your tax audit is very straightforward, and you can provide the necessary follow-up materials to the IRS on your own. In other cases, you might be confused about what the tax authorities are asking of you and how you should move forward. Luckily, Taxation Solutions, Inc. provides IRS audit representation to individuals and businesses throughout the greater San Antonio area. Need professional help dissecting your IRS audit notice and figuring out your next steps? Give us a call right away! We'll get a skilled and knowledgeable tax help specialist on your case to guide you forward. We're your best source for tax assistance in the region, and we'll help your IRS audit proceedings go as smoothly as possible.