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An Installment Agreement Can Help You Pay Off Large Tax Debts

Has your back tax debt snowballed to the point where you'll never be able to repay it as a lump sum? The IRS allows taxpayers to negotiate installment payment plans in certain situations. An installment agreement can make repayment feasible, breaking large debts into manageable monthly chunks. With assistance from Taxation Solutions, Inc., you'll be able to petition for an IRS installment agreement that will ease your burden. Learn more by calling or e-mailing us today! 

IRS Form 9465 requests a monthly payment plan. In order to be eligible, you must be up to date on all required tax returns and estimated tax payments. You should find out within 30 days of submission if your proposal has been accepted. When granted an installment agreement, you'll be given up to 60 months to pay off the liability. 

Dealing with tax problems can be stressful and intimidating, but with Taxation Solutions, Inc. by your side, you can let go of the struggle. We're the San Antonio area's best choice for all sorts of tax help, including installment agreement negotiations. We're standing by to guide you forward!