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Smart Financial Planning Helps Secure Your Future

Financial planning professionals provide excellent insight and practical assistance for clients interested in establishing reliable retirement savings.

Tax Benefits of an Educational Savings Account

Save up to pay for education expenses down the line. Money in a Coverdell Education Savings Account can be disbursed tax-free when used to pay for qualified education expenses.

When to File an Amended Tax Return

Making a mistake on your tax return isn't the end of the world. You can amend a return after the fact. 

Medical Expenses Tied to Adoption and Surrogacy May Be Tax Deductible

Parents of adopted children or those conceived through surrogacy may benefit from medical tax deductions.

Tax Assistance for New and Seasoned Homeowners

Informed homeownership allows for many opportunities for tax breaks.

Do I Have to Pay Estimated or Quarterly Taxes?

If you don't have an employer to withhold taxes on your behalf, you are responsible for withholding and paying your own taxes on a quarterly basis.

How Will 2018 Deduction Changes Affect Your Tax Liability?

Big changes to the parameters of both standardized and itemized deductions could mean big changes for your financial picture too! Contact a local tax professional for help navigating the waters of these and other tax code changes.

Don't Forget to Report Tip Income on Your Taxes!

If you earn tips, reporting your tip income is vital to your long-term financial health.

Home Improvements Made for Medical Reasons May Qualify for a Tax Deduction!

Have you made changes to your home to meet the medical needs of someone in your household? You might be able to claim it as a medical expense.

Keep up With Payroll Tax Payments to Avoid Major Tax Problems

Running a business? Don't let payroll taxes catch you off guard! Arm yourself with information to stay out of trouble with the IRS.

How Tax Credits Can Help You Save

Reduce the amount of tax you owe by taking advantage of tax credits when you file.

What Is Your Filing Status?

Learn about the five different filing statuses available to taxpayers.

How to Handle Your Tax Audit

Always enlist professional tax audit defense to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

What Is a Stepped-Up Basis?

This tax concept can help you determine what part of the proceeds from the sale of an inheritance are taxable income.

Do You Qualify for a Gain Exclusion on the Sale of Your Home?

When you sell your primary residence, you may be able to exclude part (or all!) of the profit from being taxed!

What Is Innocent Spouse Relief?

This type of tax relief can free you from all or part of your responsibility for a spouse's or former spouse's tax liability.

Your Tax Return: What You Need to Know About Selling Real Estate, Stock, and Securities

In many cases, you don't have to pay tax on the gross proceeds of the sale, but only if you report it and the original purchase price on your tax return.

Are You Facing IRS Tax Seizures? Here's What You Should Do

Act fast to get help from a tax pro when you're facing an IRS levy!

Here's Why You Should Always File Your Taxes on Time

Putting off filing your tax return can have serious financial consequences.

Are You a Volunteer? You Could Benefit from Tax Breaks

You can claim deductions for some expenses incurred while doing charitable work!

Why Hire a Tax Help Professional?

It's the best way to secure a positive tax problem resolution!

Star in Your Own Version of a Fixer-Upper Success Story

Get in on the fixer-upper craze sweeping Texas. If you're handy, there is serious, tax-free money to be made!

Improve Your Credit to Access Vital Funds When Tax Problems Arise

There's more to good credit than purchasing power.

An Installment Agreement Can Help You Pay Off Large Tax Debts

Establishing a payment plan with the IRS can make your life a lot easier.

What Are the IRS's Eligibility Requirements for the Offer in Compromise?

We can help you present a solid offer in compromise petition to the IRS.

Tap Into Tax-Free Resources to Supplement Your Elder Years

Seniors have choices for tax-free funds. Let us help you collect!

What Is Deduction Bunching, and How Can It Help You?

Maximize your tax deductions using this proven strategy.

If Wage Garnishment Is Causing Hardship, We Can Help

When wage garnishment isn't working for you, our pros can find another solution.

Take Advantage of Occupational Deductions on This Year's Tax Return

Depending on your field, you may be able to deduct various business expenses.

Telecommuters May Be Eligible for a Variety of Tax Breaks

Expenses related to travel, education, and communication may be deductible.

Steps to Take Upon the Death of a Social Security Beneficiary

Next-of-kin must handle the decedent’s final tax responsibilities.

Start the New Year Right by Getting Your Taxes Organized

Keeping thorough financial records year-round can make tax season much easier.

Alimony and Your Taxes

Reporting alimony payments is easy, but only if both parties' numbers match!

Death and Taxes: How to File for a Deceased Taxpayer

Filing rules are somewhat different for a decedent's final tax return. Make sure you know the differences before you file.

With the Right Approach, You Can Recover From Staggering Tax Debt

Under pressure from too much tax debt? Our trusted tax pros can help!

Are You Eligible for Educational Credits on Your Tax Return?

Post–high school studies may allow you to claim a credit that reduces your tax liability.

Have You Received an IRS Audit Letter? Here's How to Proceed

A tax audit doesn't have to be stressful or frustrating.

It Pays to Do the Math Before Buying or Leasing a New Vehicle

Buying a new car? Steer clear of making financial mistakes.

Recover What You Can From Casualty Losses With Sound Tax Advice

Get the tax help you need to recover from serious property damage.

Ready to Buy Your First Home? Here's What You Need to Know for Tax Purposes

Buying a home can lead to tax breaks. Our pros can help you make the most out of your new investment!

Are You Due to Face Tax Penalties Thanks to the Latest Health Care Legislation?

If you spent part or all of 2014 without health insurance, you might find yourself owing tax penalties to the government.

Deducting Charitable Contributions Isn't Always As Easy As You Think

Make sure you follow the rules when it comes to deducting charitable contributions from your taxes.

Austin's Choice for Federal Tax Help

We're extremely familiar with all of the tax codes that affect our clients.

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Are you Being Audited by the IRS?

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